Peace Memorial Park
Every year on August 6 the Peace Memorial Ceremony is held in the beautiful, green Peace Memorial Park, but building this park was not easy. Ideas for a memorial park were proposed as early as September and November 1945. A Restoration Council meeting held June 1946 adopted a plan to turn Nakajima-cho into War Disaster Memorial Park. The park would be designed to commemorate the spirits of those who were killed by the atomic bombing, and to serve as a peace momorial to the city destroyed by the world's first atomic bomb, and create a monument to peace.
Later, work on the restoration plan, designed to preserve a green space called Nakajima Park, was suspended for lack of funds and a campaign opposing construction of the park. However, the seed began to sprout with enactment of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law. The name of the project was changed from Nakajima Park to Peace Memorial Park, and construction of the park was finally underway.
One of the key factors leading to implementation of the park plan was the design competition. This competition sought comprehensive proposals for the entire memorial park and all related facilities. Design solicitation began on April 20, 1949. By August 6 that year, 145 designs had been submitted. The winner was a design by a group led by Kenzo Tange, then an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo.
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