Children's Culture Center
Under extremely difficult conditions after the war, people invested their hope for a peaceful future in the healthy growth of their children. In June 1946, a group of teachers in the city of Hiroshima led the formation of a Hiroshima Children's Culture Restoration Society. This society sponsored special literature, art, music and science courses, and launched a newsletter called Gin no Suzu (Silver Bell). The society obtained broad-based cooperation with the slogan, "Give Dreams to Children of the A-bombed City." In May 1948, they opened a Children's Culture Hall in Moto-machi. Said to have been the first cultural facility in Hiroshima, this hall served as venue not only for children's programs but also for a wide variety of cultural events for adults. Furthermore, because schools at the time had no auditoriums, it became the city's common auditorium for school programs.
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