Come and Listen to a Talk
by an A-bomb Legacy Successor
As the A-bomb survivors age, the City of Hiroshima has started a three-year training program for official A-bomb Legacy Successors to ensure that the A-bomb survivors' experiences and desires for peace are faithfully inherited and shared with as many people as possible. A talk by our Successor is now open to the public without charge, in English or Japanese.
Note: Talks are NOT delivered by A-bomb survivors.
[ Schedule ]
11:00-12:00 Japanese
11:00-12:00 English
¦ Except for the days Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is closed
[ Venue ]
Video Theater, 1st Floor, East Building of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
[ Talk Content ]
E A-bomb survivors' experience and his/her desire for peace.
E Realities of the A-bombings (wartime life in Japan, outline of the A-bomb damage,
A-bomb's impact on human bodies, etc.)
E Successor's desire for peace
and so on.
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