Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
Special Exhibition
Lantern Floating
Memorial for the A-bombing at Hiroshima Ichijyo
-Records from a girls' high school that suffered the greatest sacrifice-

After working for one hour, we took a break at eight o'clock. I sat by the front gate of Seiganji Temple with three friends of mine. Then, we heard other girls exclaim, "Three parachutes! How beautiful they are!" I wanted to see them too. The moment I took a step forward and looked up, I saw a flashing light. I tumbled down to the ground, with my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears. The nearly 30-centimeter-wide column of the front gate fell on top of me, and the lower half of my body was trapped under the fallen column. The straw hat on my head caught fire.
  It took a long time for me to escape from under the gate column. As I looked around, I found my friends with their eyes popping out of their head and their hair and clothes burning. They were all crying for help from their fathers, mothers and teachers.

  (From the description of mourning "Record of reminiscence" by Morimoto Tokiko, Mother of late Morimoto Sachie who survived until August 13th)
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Period: January 1 (Tue.) ~ December 29 (Sun.), 2019
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