Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
Special Exhibition
Lantern Floating
Memorial for the A-bombing at Hiroshima Ichijyo
-Records from a girls' high school that suffered the greatest sacrifice-

As the war situation worsened, classes for students, whose ages were the same as or older than present-day junior high school students, were canceled from April 1945. The students were mobilized for food production and munitions factories throughout the year. Approximately 7,200 children fell victim to the A-bombing in Hiroshima. Above all, students who were engaged in building demolition work outdoors near the hypocenter suffered serious damage. Especially, with most of its first- and second-year students having been mobilized, and 666 students having passed away, Hiroshima Municipal Daiichi Girls High School (commonly known as "Ichijo", and today called Hiroshima Municipal Funairi High School) became a school that suffered the greatest sacrifice.
 In August 1957, which marked the 12th anniversary of their deaths, Lantern Floating, a collection of essays in memory of A-bomb victims, was issued by bereaved families. This collection is a detailed record of the processes from student mobilization to the end of the war, and includes memoirs of bereaved families and posthumous writings of the deceased students.
 In the special exhibition, portraits of victims and related materials will be displayed focusing on memoirs appearing in Lantern Floating, conveying the tragedy of the war and the A-bombing as well as wishes for peace.
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Period: January 1 (Tue.) ~ December 29 (Sun.), 2019
Venue: Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims B1F
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