Let’s Work Together for the 2010 NPT Review Conference!

Since President Obama gave his speech in Prague in April 2009, global momentum for a “world free of nuclear weapons” has increased as never before. On the other hand, a second nuclear test by North Korea in May and the discovery of the second uranium enrichment facility in Iran in September have increased fears of nuclear proliferation and use. The NPT (Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty), which is the only international treaty committing the five nuclear nations to the efforts for nuclear disarmament, is on the verge of collapse.

  Under these circumstances, the 2010 NPT Review Conference to be held next May will be extremely important. It should contribute to the groundswell of support for the abolition of nuclear weapons and the achievement of a world free of nuclear weapons.

 This Foundation is implementing various initiatives centered on the Mayors for Peace 2020 Vision Campaign (An Emergency Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons), including a series of atomic bomb exhibitions in the U.S. and an International Peace Symposium. We intend to help as many people as possible become aware of the current crisis and take action for the abolition of nuclear weapons in their respective spheres of activity.
Global Changes Regarding Nuclear Issues in 2009

Apr. 5 President Obama states in a speech in Prague, Czech Republic, that he is seeking “a world without nuclear weapons”

North Korea launches a long-range ballistic missile it claims is designed to carry a “man-made satellite”
Apr. 13 The UN Security Council adopts a Security Council President’s Statement criticizing the missile launch by North Korea.
Apr. 14 North Korea announces withdrawal from the 6-Party Talks and recommences nuclear development.
Apr. 25 North Korea begins the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods.
May 25 North Korea conducts its second nuclear test.
Jun. 12 The UN Security Council adopts a draft resolution for additional sanctions against North Korea after it conducts its second nuclear test.
Jun. 13 TheNorth Korea announces the commencement of uranium enrichment and the“weaponization” of all plutonium stockpiles.
Jul.  6 The Presidents of the United States and Russia sign a Joint Understanding as a successor agreement to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty 1 (START 1), committing to the reduction of strategic warheads to a range of 1,500 ‐ 1,675, and of delivery vehicles used for missiles and other nuclear warheads to a range of 500 ‐ 1,100, within seven years after issuance of the agreement.
Sep. 3 North Korea announces the success of a uranium enrichment experiment.
Sep. 24 The UN Security Council adopts a draft resolution calling for a “world without nuclear weapons”, proposed by the United States, with President Obama serving as Council President, at a special summit meeting.
Sep. 25 Iran’s second uranium enrichment facility is discovered.
Oct. 15 At the United Nations Disarmament Commission, the United States government representative announces that by 2012, they will halve the number of their nuclear weapons compared with 2001.
Oct. 29 The First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly adopts a resolution praising a resolution submitted by Japan to abolish nuclear weapons. The number of countries in agreement or jointly proposing the resolution is the largest ever.
Nov. 3 North Korea announces the completion of the reprocessing of approximately 8,000 spent nuclear fuel rods and the extraction of plutonium.
Nov. 19 It is discovered that the United States plans to conduct 3 sub-critical nuclear tests by September 2010.
Nov. 29 The Iranian government unveils plans to construct ten new uranium enrichment facilities.
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