Foreign Students Living Support Seminar Surprise at Hiroshima City Waste Processing

At Hiroshima City International House, a series of three Foreign Students Living Support Seminars is being held this year. Seminars were already held in May and June. This time, for the third seminar, on October 17 (Sat) the students were given a Waste Plant Tour for Foreign Students at Hiroshima City Environmental Bureau Naka Waste Incineration Plant (Minami-Yoshijima, Naka Ward), thanks to cooperation from the people at the plant.

 The aim of the seminar this time was to renew the participants’ awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, by showing them how waste is ultimately processed in Hiroshima City after daily collection and separation. Eighteen foreign students from seven countries living in the International House participated in the tour, together with one family member and two International House staff members, making a total of twenty-one participants.

Participants earnestly listen to the explanation by the staff member at Naka Plant
 At Naka Plant, the person in charge first used a video to explain the process from collection of household waste to final processing by Hiroshima City. This was followed by a tour along the set route through the plant. There was audio commentary provided in Japanese and English at each of the tour stops, and this was very popular among the participants.

The participants stared at the churning of mass waste by a huge crane and the slag (lumps of ash) that is created after incineration of burnable waste. They also looked interested in the power generation conducted using the steam created during the incineration process. They were also impressed by the quietness of the plant, how clean it was, with no foul odors, and how clean the sea looked behind the plant.

  At the tour this time we could not see waste collection trucks delivering waste as the tour was held on a Saturday. Nonetheless the participants took the tour seriously and made it a meaningful experience. Many of the participants said after the tour that it was a good opportunity for them to reconsider the rubbish situation. In the future we aim to continue to hold practical seminars focusing on the daily lives of the foreign students.

(Hiroshima City International House)

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