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Day of International Cooperation and Exchange 2009

On November 15 (Sun), 2009, from 10am to 5pm, 28 events were held at the International Conference Center Hiroshima, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and other venues.
 This was the tenth time that these event have been held, and a record 7,400 people attended and learned about international relations and cooperation.

☆ Chikyu no Stage - Stage 5 Never-ending Horizon -
Our guide Mr. Norihiko Kuwayama (a psychiatrist from Miyagi) used live performance and large-size images to explain various happenings around the world. The audience was deeply moved in a way that they would not be at a regular lecture.
  In the International Cooperation parts, participants were shown a young Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer participating in activities in Ghana and senior volunteers selected locally as the deputy mayor of the village, and were encouraged to think about what might be the driving force supporting their activities.
  In the Arab Conflict part, the audience heard about Mr. Norihiko Kuwayama’s valuable experiences gained when working as a medical practitioner in the Gaza Strip in Palestine, which is troubled by conflict, and they thought about the lifestyle of the local people and about the hostilities there.
  In the Hiroshima part, by listening to atomic bombing witnesses speak about their experiences at the time, and learning about the peace education initiatives at junior high schools in Hiroshima City, the participants were led to consider previously once again about the preciousness of peace.
  After the Stage performance, there was a lecture by Doctor Daniel, who appeared in Earth Stage before, and is currently involved in medical activities in East Timor. He gave a very interesting talk about the situation there.

Mr. Norihiko Kuwayama uses images and music to talk about international cooperation at ‘Chikyu no Stage Stage 5 Never-ending Horizon’ 
   Finally, there was a lively discussion among many of the participants, demonstrating the high level of interest in international relations and cooperation.

☆World Kitchen and International Bazaar (Folk Art)

In the grassy areas of Peace Boulevard on the south side of the International Conference Center, street food from various parts of the world was on sale. The very cosmopolitan folk craft bazaar was also busy with many visitors. The proceeds are used for international cooperation activities by each organization.

☆International Relations & Cooperation Activity Reporting Session by Young People
An explanation was provided of the international relations and cooperation activities conducted by civic organizations, universities, companies and others. A consultation corner was set up next to this to provide consultation on establishing NPOs as well as NGO activities.

☆Experiencing Traditional Japanese Culture
Various introductions to kimonos, tea ceremony, flower arrangement and other elements of traditional Japanese culture were presented. Foreign visitors were able to experience Japanese culture, while Japanese visitors could reacquaint themselves with their own culture.

☆Fun for Families
Events were held for families to enjoy together, including a quiz rally, where participants could win a present by answering quiz questions as they moved around the event venue, as well as coloring in pictures of the flags of the world, and an introduction to games played around the world.

☆Thinking About the Environment
Participants learned about the global environment through a lecture on the environmental issues faced by the Galapagos Islands, which is a world heritage site, as well as field work in Peace Memorial Park. At the food stalls, reusable food containers were used as an environmental protection measure.

☆Living with Foreigners
Events were held with the aim of achieving a society enabling friendly relations and living together with non-Japanese citizens. The events included a music concert by non-Japanese residents, a lecture on the topic of cross-cultural understanding, and a free consultation session for non-Japanese residents.

Lively discussion session between Japanese and American students

A great variety of other events was also held, including debating in English, a discussion between young people from Hiroshima and other countries, and an event to provide support to children all over the world by donating a keyboard harmonica and coins from different countries.

(International Relations and Cooperation Division)

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