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Anyone who studies Hiroshima and
the atomic bombing is likely to encounter
the story of a girl named Sadako.
 Sadako Sasaki experienced the atomic
bombing at the age of two. Struck by
leukemia ten years later,
her short life ended.
 Through Sadako Sasaki, people around
the world have come to understand how
war makes children suffer-in particular,
the unhappiness inflicted on them
by the atomic bombing. And they
take courage from the image
of Sadako battling leukemia
and clinging to her hope for
life till the end.
 Sadako was one of the
many children who suffered
and died because of the
atomic bomb. Let us use her
short, twelve-year life to learn
about the damage the bombing brought.
1943_Sadako Sasaki is Born
1945_Sadako at Two
1949_Sadako enters elementary school.
1955_Sadako at Twelve
The Birth of the Children's Peace Monument
Sadako's Hope Conveyed Around the World