Hiroshima and the war

Largest city in the Chugoku-Shikoku Region
  Since Mori Terumoto, a lord during the Age of Civil Wars (about 400 years ago) built a castle and called the surrounding area "Hiroshima," it has developed as the center of transport and economy in western Japan. In later years, the town grew by creating landfills. When it became "Hiroshima City" in 1889, it was one of Japan's first official cities.

Courtesy: Hiroshima Municipal Archives
Hiroshima Castle Tower before the Atomic Bombing
  Castle town Hiroshima developed around Hiroshima Castle. Part of the castle was demolished during the Meiji Restoration, but because the tower was considered an important structure, it was retained and designated a national treasure in 1931. However, the tower completely collapsed and burned in the atomic bombing. The present castle tower was reconstructed in 1958.