The Funding Campaign Develops
Leafletting Hiroshima Society of School Children The Funding Campaign Develops Sadako's first death anniversary The Children's Peace Monument Return

April 8, 1956 / in front of Fukuya Department Store
Courtesy of Chugoku Shimbum

The members of the Unity Club joined the fundraising campaign centered around the Hiroshima Society of School Children for Building World Peace. On April 1 that year, they issued a prospectus to schools in Japan asking for donations from, and the campaign moved into full gear. Because the campaign had already been introduced in newspapers, on the radio, etc., the prospectus quickly garnered responses from schools around the country. About a year after Sadako's death, in October it was decided to erect the statue in Peace Memorial Park. Now it was definite--the statue would be built.

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Flier for Donation

"Kokeshi," Collection of Memorial Writings Created by Sadako's Classmates (Cover)

Classmates at time of creation of "Kokeshi"
Article introduced Sadako