The Children's Peace Monument
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●The unveiling ceremony for the Children's Peace Monument
May,5,1958 / Peace Memorial Park
Courtesy: Chugoku Shimbun Company
Girl Holding a Paper Crane
On May 5, 1958, the Children's Peace Monument was unveiled in Peace Memorial Park. Elementary, junior high, and high school students in Hiroshima and around the country were invited, and a total of about 500 people participated, including Sadako's family.
Two and a half year had gone by after the start of the statue movement.
Each with her or his own thoughts emotions, people gazed at the statue built and completed thought the efforts and goodwill of so many. One of Sadako's classmates-the wellspring of the movement-said that, to her, the statue was Sadako herself.
The Children's Peace Monument stands nine meters tall. The pedestal has three legs, and standing on the top of that pedestal is a "young girl holding a paper crane high over her head." The bronze figures of another girl and a boy decorate the sides of the pedestal. This extremely impressive bronze statue quickly became one of the main attractions in Peace Memorial Park.
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