The 30th
The Children's Peace Drawings Competition

About "Children's Peace Drawings Competition"

This competition started in commemoration of "International Year of Peace" of the United Nations in 1986.
Every year we solicit drawings on the theme of "peace" from elementary and junior high school students in Hiroshima City as well as overseas sister and friendship cities.

The 30th Competition

We received 4,227 drawings from 122 schools in Hiroshima City and 237 drawings from 6 overseas countries. (4,464 drawings in total)
You can see the name list of 41 award winners and their works of Excellence and Distinction and the name list of 22 award winners of Merit and Honor from abroad.
[Participating countries]
Australia, Russia, The United States, India, Iran, South Korea and Japan

The 30th Competition

in 2015

Excellence and Distinction
Award of Merit