Why were so many A-bomb victims asking for water?
We are going to go to Hiroshima on a school trip. Before the trip, we watched a video called Barefoot Gen. That movie showed a lot of scenes of people who were A-bombed asking for water. Why were they all asking for water? Is it because their bodies were so hot from being burned?

Many people were badly burned by the heat rays from the A-bomb or by the huge fire that burned the city afterwards. Also, people who were injured by the blast frequently developed fevers and were vomiting or for other reasons were simply extremely thirsty. They were asking for water to ease their terrible thirst. Unfortunately, there was a rumor going around that if you gave the victims water they would die. Therefore, thousands of people died without ever getting a drink of water.

Thinking of the many people who died begging for water, a Peace Fountain was built next to the Children's Peace Monument in Peace Memorial Park. On August 6, there is a formal and solemn offering of water during the Peace Memorial Ceremony itself.

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