Please tell me about the monument on Ninoshima.
Where is the monument on Ninoshima?

Ninoshima is a small island in Hiroshima Bay, about 20 minutes by ferry from Hiroshima Port. (Please see Ninoshima on maps.)

During the war, Ninoshima housed a quarantine station for military personnel and another specifically for horses. These quarantine stations were facilities where soldiers and horses returning to Japan from foreign battlefields would be disinfected and examined for infectious diseases. Ninoshima also had other military facilities, including a dock for army ships and an arsenal of weapons and explosives.

Toward the end of the war, these facilities were used very little. However, because Ninoshima is nine kilometers from the hypocenter and suffered little direct damage, after the atomic bombing many survivors were brought there from Hiroshima to receive care. From August 6 to 25, about 10,000 people were transported to Ninoshima. Of those, many thousands died.

Because of its role during the war and after the bombing, Ninoshima has many monuments and other relics of the war. In 1971 a mass grave filled with the remains of the A-bomb victims was found on the grounds of Ninoshima Junior High School. When the entire area was excavated, 517 skeletons were found. These remains were placed in the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound in Peace Memorial Park, and a monument was built on the site of the grave in 1972. The monument is on the southeast corner of Ninoshima.

It is said that the bones of many A-bomb victims still sleep on Ninoshima. This tiny island in the Seto Inland Sea is rich in natural beauty, but its many remnants and monuments speak eloquently of the war. If you have a chance, please take some time to visit Ninoshima and see them for yourself.