Where should we send paper cranes to?
Our class members made a thousand paper cranes in
prayer for peace.  We wish to present them to the
Children's Peace Monument.
Where should we send them to?

The Children's Peace Monument is  ornamented with colourful paper cranes folded in wish for peace and sent from all over the world. Please send your paper cranes to the following address. We would appreciate it if you made the paper cranes  into a wreath with a loop on its end to hang it.

    General Affairs Division
    Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation
    1-2 Nakajima-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima,
    Japan 730-0811
    Tel: +81 82 241 5246

If you wish to have a photograph of your paper crane wreaths presented at the monument, please enclose a letter of request. If you want to have the picture sent to you by email, please also write down your email address.
Our staff member will take a photo of your paper cranes and send it to you.

Children's Peace Monument

The space to present paper cranes has roofs.