What did people living then think about the war?
I would like to know what the people living in Hiroshima before the atomic bombing were thinking about the war. Then, what did they think after the bombing?

Until the war ended, everyone was required to cooperate fully with the war effort. Children were even taught this attitude at school.

In addition, it was strictly prohibited by law to criticize the war or even to complain about any hardships. Therefore, even if some people opposed the war, it would have been extremely dangerous for them to express that opinion.

After the bombing, those who managed to survive were overwhelmed by the need to take care of the injured, search for food, and build a shelter to live in. They were struggling intensely just to survive. Hardly anyone talked about what they thought about the war.

However, the people of Hiroshima experienced a living hell caused by the A-bomb. After the war, they rebuilt a city devoted to the opposition of war and the elimination of nuclear weapons because of their deep belief that "nuclear weapons and the human race cannot coexist." Ever since, they have sought to build a world of genuine and lasting peace.