Hiroshima's Urban Development
I have heard that the city of Hiroshima is working to be an "international peace culture city; a city brightened by clean water, abundant greenery, and energetic people; a city offering courage and hope to struggling people around the world." But concretely, what is the city doing along these lines?

The city of Hiroshima is pursuing its vision of an international peace culture city through a large number of concrete projects. Here we will introduce some of the most important.

- Beautification of Riverside Greenbelts
Several rivers flow through Hiroshima. To build a beautiful city that takes advantage of water and greenery, the city has built attractive riverside greenbelts where citizens can take walks and visitors can rest and relax.

- Moving toward a zero emissions society
By recycling plastic bottles and charging for disposal of large items, Hiroshima is working toward becoming a zero emissions society, an ideal toward which residents, companies and government agencies are cooperating.

- Supporting citizen-led development activities
In response to consultation from citizens seeking to improve the city, Hiroshima provides relevant information and generally offers a wide range of assistance to those working on a volunteer basis for city development. In fact, we are now building a special facility that will be a headquarters for citizen-led development activities.

- Supporting cultural activities
By providing opportunities for Hiroshima residents to see opera and by cultivating local opera troupes, Hiroshima is working to strengthen local opera, a comprehensive performance art. In addition, we are preparing an information system that will facilitate the process of reserving and providing information about cultural and sports facilities.

- Passing on the A-bomb experience; working to abolish nuclear weapons
By offering lectures to students who visit Hiroshima on school trips, holding A-bomb exhibitions in Japan and overseas, preserving the former Bank of Japan and other A-bombed buildings, Hiroshima works to convey the A-bomb experience to coming generations. Utilizing the network of 500 cities worldwide that are members of the World Conference of Mayors for Peace through Inter-city Solidarity, we press for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

- Support to foreign students
The recently completed Hiroshima International House, which includes living quarters for foreign students, is one of many projects Hiroshima carries out to support its foreign students. We also work hard to promote interaction between the students and local residents.

- Facilitating exchanges of people, things, and information
To improve our ability to solicit and hold messe conventions (trade fairs, conferences, etc.) we are building a new facility in the southern part of Hiroshima (Dejima) that will serve as an excellent venue for large-scale trade fairs and conferences. We have also recently completed an underground shopping mall and other urban redevelopment projects designed to make our city more exciting and prosperous.

In addition to the projects listed above, Hiroshima is conducting a wide array of programs all designed to contribute to a greater or lesser degree to Hiroshima's growth as an international peace culture city. For more information, please look at the Basic Concepts of the City of Hiroshima on the Hiroshima City homepage. (address below)