The following questions have been the most frequently asked ones since we opened the Kids Peace Station. Please click “Q&A” to see the answer to each question.

What was the original building that later became the A-bomb Dome?

How did Hiroshima recover after the atomic bombing?

What did people eat immediately after the atomic bombing? How did they survive?

Was held an A-bomb exhibition in America?

How did the American soldiers actually drop the atomic bomb? What method was used?

What did people living then think about the war?

What is the difference between radiation and radioactivity?

How about Hiroshima's urban development?

How was Hiroshima selected as the target of the atomic bombing?

Were people affected by rain with radiation in it?

Why were so many A-bomb victims asking for water?

Is there still radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Was Einstein the one who made the A-bomb?

Please tell me about the monument on Ninoshima. Where is the monument on Ninoshima?

What did Peace Memorial Park used to be?

What was Sadako Sasaki's ambition for the future?

Please tell me about the international conferences that help to promote peace.

Where can we send paper cranes?