Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Outline



Hiroshima before the Atomic Bombing

Nakajima Area (Peace Memorial Park) before A-bombing

Do you know what the area that is now the park you are in looked like before the bombing? This model depicts that area as it appeared then.
Because it straddled an ancient thoroughfare running east and west through thecity, this area between two rivers grew into one of Hiroshima's most prosperous districts.
Streets lined with large stores hummed with pedestrian traffic.
As you can see, houses were packed tightly together along the streets. Boats glided up and down the rivers. Scattered throughout were temples redolent with history.
Thousands upon thousands of lives were snuffed out in this area.
The Western-style building with the striking green dome is the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. The T-shaped Aioi Bridge was the target of the atomic bombing.
Do you see an area cleared of all structures except the foundations of homes? This was a fire lane cleared to stop fires after an air attack. During the last stages of the Pacific War, cities around the country were rapidly clearing such fire lanes. This made people even more fearful that air attacks were just around the corner.