Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Outline

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Due to renovation works, the exhibition rooms of the Museum East Building are closed until spring 2016 (tentative). Please be aware that the contents below are the exhibits prior to renovations.

East Building

1st floor


1 Introduction

Hiroshima before the Atomic Bombing

2 Hiroshima's history prior to the atomic bombing
3 Everything for the War - "Metal Collection Posters", "War Bonds"
4 The Manhattan Project
5 Selection of target cities
6 Nakajima Area (Peace Memorial Park) before A-bombing
7 Nakajima Area (Peace Memorial Park) after A-bombing

Hiroshima in Ruins

8 Protest Telegrams
9 A-bomb Dome

2nd floor


War, the A-bomb and the People of Hiroshima

10 War, the A-bomb and the People of Hiroshima
11 The suffering of children left behind

3rd floor


The Nuclear Age

12 The Nuclear Age
13 Nuclear Globe

The Path to Peace

14 Peace Memorial Ceremony
15 A-bombed Phoenix Trees

Main Building

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