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Thanks to Japanese researchers, who began investigating immediately after the bombing despite extremely difficult circumstances, precious initial data and materials were obtained that have invaluable for elucidating the damage done by the A-bomb. Subsequent Japan-US joint investigations continuing to this day have provided more detailed data.

These investigations still have not painted a full picture of the damage. Many questions remain in medicine, physics, sociology, and other fields of inquiry.

But Above all, we must never forget that the data and materials obtained through A-bomb research are sacred gifts received from victims whose precious lives were sacrificed. The knowledge obtained from decades of study and any knowledge that may be obtained through future research must be used effectively for the benefit of all. This is the mission of those who live in Hiroshima today.

We must clarify and properly convey the facts of the atomic bombing to give strength to the movement to build a genuinely peaceful world completely free from nuclear weapons. This is Hiroshima's most cherished desire.

Neher Cosmic Ray Telescope
Collection of Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
The Neher Cosmic Ray Telescope used by staff who served for the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research on the Special Committee for the Investigation of A-bomb Damages in Hiroshima.

  "It was an atomic bomb."
- A History of A-bomb Investigations -

 *Atomic Physics and Radiation Research in Japan on the Eve of the Bombing
 *The Great Tragedy: a "New Type of Bomb" Out of the Blue
 *First surveys: looking through the confusion to confirm an "atomic bomb"
 *Damage surveys in the post-war turmoil
 *The Special Committee for the Investigation of A-bomb Damages
and Japan-US Joint Commission

 *A-bomb documentary film by Japan Film Corporation
 *A-bomb Investigations after the Occupation
 *The Role of A-bomb Research Today

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