Let's Look at the Special Exhibit

Many of the victims admitted to the emergency field hospital in the quarantine station were buried on the island. The painful reproach of those who died in agony due to the atomic bomb, and the deep grief of those who lost family members can never be fully expressed or understood.
Including the bodies that were excavated on Ninoshima, the remains of approximately 70,000 human beings are still resting in the Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound that stands in Peace Memorial Park.
The fact that 70,000 victims were never identified eloquently symbolizes the extent to which the atomic bomb destroyed the city of Hiroshima and the utterly inhumane nature of the weapon that caused that destruction. We must all think deeply about what we as individuals can do to ensure that nuclear weapons are never used again and the A-bomb tragedy is never repeated.

The Atomic Bomb Memorial Mound in the Peace Memorial Park
 October 18, 1994