Let's Look at the Special Exhibit
As the Pacific War dragged on and intensified, schools were commandeered to quarter soldiers or house factories. Losing both opportunity and space to study, students were organized and forced into factories as "mobilized students." Because of war, schools stopped holding classes-they lost their educational function. On August 6, 1945, it is thought that 26,800 students were mobilized in Hiroshima and at least 7,200 died from the atomic bombing. The building demolition projects taking place in the center of the city amplified the tragedy by creating even more young victims. This special exhibition presents the devastation inflicted on mobilized students with 190 items.

Approximately 7,200 of the mobilized students in Hiroshima were killed by the atomic bomb. Each one of that huge number had a name and a life. Each one was an irreplaceable loved one to his or her family.

Schools that Lost Mobilized Students to the Bombing

  Mobilized Students
-The Lost Tomorrows of the Students-

 Schools Stained the Color of War
 The Start of Student Mobilization
 Building Demolition Amplified the Tragedy
 The Suffering of Mobilized Students
 Looking for Children
 Reopening in the Burnt Ruins
 Monuments to the Students

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