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Monuments to the Students
Courtesy of Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims

The ashes of a few students made their way back to their families. "We were happy we at least got to see our child one more time." This statement made by so many bereaved family members implies the far larger number of families that never identified a child's corpse or even received a belonging.
The years go by, but the grief of the families never fades.
Families still live with the reality of having lost children to that single atomic bomb. Fifty-nine years later, as bereaved family members age, each year many of those who hold such memories are lost.
The atomic bomb is not an issue relegated to the past. A similar tragedy could be repeated anywhere any time. You or your children could be the next to sufferer. What can we do to make sure that nuclear weapons are never again used to destroy people?
The monuments standing quietly at various schools wordlessly convey the scars that war and the atomic bombing inflicted on each school.  

  Mobilized Students
-The Lost Tomorrows of the Students-

 Schools Stained the Color of War
 The Start of Student Mobilization
 Building Demolition Amplified the Tragedy
 The Suffering of Mobilized Students
 Looking for Children
 Reopening in the Burnt Ruins
 Monuments to the Students

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