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Lucky Dragon No. 5
Built in March 1947, the boat's name was Kotoyo Maru No. 7 when it was a bonito boat moored in Misaki Fishing Harbor, Kanagawa Prefecture. It was later remodeled into a tuna fishing boat. In 1953, it moved to Yaizu Port, Shizuoka Prefecture, with a new name, Lucky Dragon No. 5.
The Lucky Dragon No. 5 took five ocean voyages. Its fifth voyage between on January 22, 1954 and ended on March 14 of that year. The crew were fishing in the Midway Sea when they lost most of their trawl nets to the sea. They altered their course southward near the Marshall Islands, and encountered a Bikini hydrogen bomb test on March 1.

4/Fishing equipment and other everyday items exposed on the Lucky Dragon No. 5

Third Radiation Exposure -
The Lucky Dragon No. 5 and Hiroshima

Encounter with a hydrogen bomb test
Lucky Dragon No. 5
"A-bomb tuna" and radioactive rain
Hydrogen test and Japanese scientists
Voices opposing A- and H- bombs
Damage to the Marshall Islands from nuclear tests
Preservation of the Lucky Dragon No. 5 and construction of an exhibition hall
The Lucky Dragon No. 5 and Hiroshima
Tokyo Metropolitan Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Hall

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