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Voices opposing A- and H- bombs

8/Signatures gathered nationwide demanding a ban on atomic and hydrogen bomb tests
The incident started movements against atomic and hydrogen bombs around Japan that spread around the world. Around the country, resolutions and petition drives called for a ban on testing of atomic and hydrogen bombs. Lord Bertrand Russell, philosopher, and physicist Albert Einstein formed the core of a group of scientists that issued the Russell-Einstein Manifesto. Warning about the escalating arms race, and the danger of global contamination from nuclear tests, the Manifesto gave credence to the voices and movement calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Third Radiation Exposure -
The Lucky Dragon No. 5 and Hiroshima

Encounter with a hydrogen bomb test
Lucky Dragon No. 5
"A-bomb tuna" and radioactive rain
Hydrogen test and Japanese scientists
Voices opposing A- and H- bombs
Damage to the Marshall Islands from nuclear tests
Preservation of the Lucky Dragon No. 5 and construction of an exhibition hall
The Lucky Dragon No. 5 and Hiroshima
Tokyo Metropolitan Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Hall

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