Let's look at the Special Exhibit
Eyes of the World Visitors to Hiroshima

34* Actress:
Marilyn Monroe
Baseball player:
Joe DiMaggio
February 11, 1954

36* Nun: Mother Teresa (India)
November 23, 1984
35* Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru(India)
October 9, 1957

37* Pope John Paul II
February 25, 1981
38* Message for Peace
by Pope John Paul II

"God's hope is one of peace, not one of pain."


Sumo Wrestler: Taiho (Japan)
April 7, 1965
Yokozuna Taiho is in front. Behind him are Yokozuna Kashiwado, and Ozeki Yutakayama.


Simone de Beauvoir
Jean-Paul Sartre
October 10, 1966
Left-Sartre, right-Beauvoir.

41* Revolutionary: Che Guevara
July 26, 1959
Guevara is to the far left in the photo.
41* Soccer player: Pele (Brazil)
November 26, 1974

43* Tennis player: Steffi Graf (West Germany)
September 28, 1989

44* Film actor: Jackie Chan (Hong Kong)
February 16, 1991

45* Author: John Hersey (US)
April 23, 1985

46* Horn player: Peter Damm (Germany)
May 5, 2000

Rising from the Ruins -the Peace Memorial Museum and Hiroshima
1945-1954 Collecting Rubble on the Burnt Plain
1955-1974 Buildings Rising from the Ruins
1975-1990 A Place to Tell the A-bomb Story
1991 - Conveying the Spirit of Hiroshima to the World
Eyes of the World Visitors to Hiroshima
Museum Statistics
Sixty Years for Hiroshima
Preservation・Restoration・For Posterity


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