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Photos by Hajime Miyatake: Injured Victims
Hajime Miyatake departed Osaka Station on the afternoon of August 8 and arrived in Hiroshima the evening of the 9th Miyatake took most of his photos on the 10th and 11th. Four days later (probably the 12th), he returned to Osaka. In his journal, Miyatake wrote, "Looking at people near death laid out on concrete, their faces and bodies burned, only shreds of clothing still clinging to them, groaning in a way that did not sound human, I stood frozen to the spot, camera in hand." Even so, he managed to photograph scenes of carnage that had paralyzed local photographers.
Hajime Miyatake to far right. The photo was taken on the grounds of the castle keep, where the Chubu Army was bivouacked. Piled in the background is the rubble of the 350-year-old Hiroshima Castle, a designated national treasure.
Entering Hiroshima
5 6
Hiroshima Station
Approx. 1,900m from the hypocenter, Matsubara-cho
Chubu Regional Military Headquarters' identification card and armband
The rubble starkly reveals that the fires consumed everything. A total of 78 corpses were found in the station. Of 926 station employees, 11 died, and 201 were seriously to lightly injured. The mounds of dirt in the foreground and in front of the station are air-raid shelters.
Inari-machi Streetcar Bridge
Approx. 1,350m from the hypocenter, Shimo-yanagi-cho (now, Kanayama-cho)
The blast bent and buckled the rails. Fire charred some of the ties. Because the main Inari Bridge (running next to the streetcar bridge) toppled on August 6, many fled the city center across the railroad bridge seeking refuge at the Eastern Drill Ground and elsewhere.
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An Exhibition of Photographs
by Hajime Miyatake and
Eiichi Matsumoto-Hiroshima
after the Atomic Bombing

Photos by Hajime Miyatake: Injured Victims 
    * Entering Hiroshima
    * Fukuya Department Store as Relief Station
    * Truck Carrying the Injured
    * An emergency relief station and cremation site near the foot of Sumiyoshi Bridge
    * Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital in Turmoil
    * Marks of the Blast
    * In the Ruins
  Photos by Eiichi Matsumoto: The Destroyed City
    * The Hypocenter and Vicinity
    * Kamiya-cho and Hondori
    * Moto-machi
    * Nobori-cho
    * Senda-machi and Minami-machi
    * Hijiyama and Dambara
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