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Photos by Hajime Miyatake: Injured Victims
Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital in Turmoil
Boy being treated for burns
Converted to a military hospital under the war administration, it hospitalized soldiers only, but treated civilians on an outpatient basis. The institution had a comparatively large stockpile of medicines and supplies, but the stocks were quickly used up on endless waves of new patients. The photo shows a boy being treated on his forehead, cheeks, and hands for burns he suffered from frontal exposure to the heat ray.

Approx. 1,500m from the hypocenter, Senda-machi 1-chome
Doctor and nurse treating an injured person
The physician providing treatment is also injured. The arm supported by a sling looks painful. Like the scene in the preceding photo, this treatment is taking place outside, in front of the hospital's main entrance.
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Patients in the hospital Woman burned on the face and hands with her child Female burned on the face
Patients housed in a hospital room whose windows were shattered by the atomic blast. They are packed in, lying on futons on the floor. Her blouse was probably burned off by the heat ray. The depth of the burns suggests that the heat ray struck her frontally outdoors. She was laid on a straw mat with a bottle of water placed nearby, but the dirt under the mat suggests an outside location.
Injured people lying on the ground
Those who could not fit into the building lay outside in the shade awaiting treatment.
Injured children
The child in the middle has received first aid for his/her head injury. The children appear to be lying on metal sheets. The child in back appears to be an infant. The rubble next to the sheet suggests that they are outside.
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An Exhibition of Photographs
by Hajime Miyatake and
Eiichi Matsumoto-Hiroshima
after the Atomic Bombing

Photos by Hajime Miyatake: Injured Victims
    * Entering Hiroshima
    * Fukuya Department Store as Relief Station
    * Truck Carrying the Injured
    * An emergency relief station and cremation site near the foot of Sumiyoshi Bridge
    * Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital in Turmoil
    * Marks of the Blast
    * In the Ruins
  Photos by Eiichi Matsumoto: The Destroyed City
    * The Hypocenter and Vicinity
    * Kamiya-cho and Hondori
    * Moto-machi
    * Nobori-cho
    * Senda-machi and Minami-machi
    * Hijiyama and Dambara
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