the Special Exhibit
Photos by Hajime Miyatake: Injured Victims
Marks of the Blast
House smashed
by the atomic blast

Approx. 2,180m from the hypocenter,
Minami-machi 2-chome
The walls and fixtures of this two-story house were blown off, leaving only the supports, roof, and carved out interior.
Houses toppled by the blast
The house on the left is crushed, its pillars downed, with only the roof retaining its shape on top of the rubble. A huge blast force was required to blow away most of these roof tiles. The photo is known to have been taken 2.3 kilometers from the hypocenter, but the exact location is unknown.
Destroyed houses and streetcar street
Approx. 2,070m from the hypocenter,
Senda-machi 3-chome
This shot was taken on the south border of the radius within which every structure was destroyed. Although these houses escaped the fires, they were splintered by the blast. Visible are a woman loading salvageable items on a handcart and a man carrying a tatami mat.
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An Exhibition of Photographs
by Hajime Miyatake and
Eiichi Matsumoto-Hiroshima
after the Atomic Bombing

Photos by Hajime Miyatake: Injured Victims
    * Entering Hiroshima
    * Fukuya Department Store as Relief Station
    * Truck Carrying the Injured
    * An emergency relief station and cremation site near the foot of Sumiyoshi Bridge
    * Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital in Turmoil
    * Marks of the Blast
    * In the Ruins
  Photos by Eiichi Matsumoto: The Destroyed City
    * The Hypocenter and Vicinity
    * Kamiya-cho and Hondori
    * Moto-machi
    * Nobori-cho
    * Senda-machi and Minami-machi
    * Hijiyama and Dambara
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