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--The New Materials--
    Photos of the mushroom cloud
Photo by Gonichi Kimura Donated by the family of Gonichi Kimura
Approx. 4,000m from the hypocenter; photographed on the grounds of the Army Marine Training Division
Gonichi Kimura, a member of the Army Photographers' Team, photographed the mushroom cloud several times about 15 minutes after the bombing.
This album belonged to Toshinori Tasaka, chief of the Photographer's Unit of the Army Marine Headquarters. The album is a collection of photos taken soon after the bombing by Yotsugi Kawahara and Masami Onuka, who were members of his team.
Letters between Professor Albert Einstein and Seiei Shinohara
Donated by Nobuko Shinohara
Philosopher Seiei Shinohara encountered the August 6, 1952 edition of the Asahi Graph, a publication that attracted great public interest because it was the first in Japan to report extensively on what the atomic bombings actually did. He sent an open letter to Professor Einstein through the magazine Kaizo, which launched a series of letters between the two men.
Film of prewar Hiroshima
Donated by Eiko Kuwamoto
This film shows Hiroshima in 1937 or 1938. The donor's older brother, Tamio Kaneda, took the footage.
Personal Accounts
There are the 473 written accounts donated to the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Victims.
    Disaster certificates
Disaster certificates were issued soon after the bombing. Persons in possession of such a certificate could receive food and use public transport for free.
Seals commemorating the construction of the "Peace Memorial City of Hiroshima"
Donated by Akira Yoshimochi
The donor's wife bought these seals around 1950. Because rebuilding funds were scarce, in 1949 the Hiroshima Peace Memorial City Construction Law was passed to obtain funds to rebuild Hiroshima as a symbol of the ideal of eternal peace. These commemorative seals were issued to solicit financial support from the residents.

The Entrusted Past and Future
New Materials Donated for the 60th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings

Overview of the Nationwide Solicitation of A-bomb Artifacts, Photographs of the Deceased, and Eyewitness Accounts
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  Emotions Entrusted to Us
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  Results of the Nationwide Solicitation of A-bomb Artifacts, Photographs of the Deceased, and Eyewitness Accounts
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