Summer of 1947

Reconstruction of Hondori Shopping Street

The Hondori Shopping Street, the commercial heart of Hiroshima, was destroyed by the atomic bomb, but by the year after the bombing, former shop owners had started rebuilding. In August 1947, wooden structures serving concurrently as residences and shops lined up and reopened for business. Though few residents had enough cushion to enjoy shopping, the street was coming back to life.

Cutlery shop Location: Hirataya-cho (now, Hondori) Cutlery shop, which opened for business near the east end of the Hondori Shopping Street. From scissors to saws, an array of cutlery is presented. The bold sign at the front of the shop most likely made Kikuchi stop and take a look.
Return of lily-of-the-valley lanterns Location: Kawaya-cho (now, Hondori) The former lily-of the-valley lanterns had a large arch and five bulbs each. The new lamps were smaller than the former ones, but lined up on both sides of the Hondori Shopping Street, they undoubtedly lightened the hearts of the people who walked along the street.

Fishing gear shop Location: Kawaya-cho (now, Hondori) Shop that handled fishing gear sets. The limited merchandise is skillfully displayed. It makes you wonder if Kikuchi, who loved to fish, might have automatically dropped in.
Clothing store Location: Hirataya-cho (now, Hondori) Due to economic regimentation, product shortages occurred and prices rose; consequently, it was not easy for specialty stores to provide a wide lineup of merchandise. Though small, this clothing store was stylish.

Shunkichi Kikuchi: As described by his wife, Tokuko

He had a wide range of interests and did about anything. The thing he liked to do most was fishing. Since he had lived in Hokkaido, he was also good at skiing. He used to smoke a pipe at home. The odor in the house was awful. He would put his cameras and equipment in a large backpack, and take it with him everywhere. He wouldn't let his family touch his cameras, and would clean and maintain them each day himself.

Favorite pipes, exposure meter and camera used to film Hiroshima

Kikuchi with skis on while wearing a necktie