When you hear the crowds roar at Hiroshima Municipal Baseball Stadium, watch people coming and going along the Hondori Shopping arcade or through the Kamiya-cho underground shopping mall, notice the line of department stores at Hatchobori, or walk along lush green Peace Boulevard, the devastation that occurred in Hiroshima 63 years ago and the road to recovery are hard to imagine.
Clues to understanding the A-bombed city of Hiroshima can be found in the voices of the survivors and their families, the scars of the A-bomb Dome, the many monuments in Peace Memorial Park, and exhibits in Peace Memorial Museum, the National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims, and other facilities.
In addition, we know that this recovered city harbors buildings, bridges, and trees still standing quietly where they stood before the war. We have the ability to feel deeply and strongly even about events we cannot see. If we listen carefully to the A-bombed structures, they will tell us what happened to them and how they managed to survive.
We hope you will visit these A-bombed structures and listen for yourself.
Institutions/companies that contributed to this exhibition
(honorifics omitted, no order implied)
Andersen Co., Ltd.
Shukkeien Garden
Hiroshima Electric Railway, Co., Ltd.
NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting Station

Our special thanks to the above groups and many others who have supported this exhibition by providing photos, etc.