Entering a City in Ruins

On September 19, the biology team of the film staff left Tokyo for Hiroshima. Following close behind them was the physics team, then the civil engineering/architectural and medical teams. A lack of food and other supplies made filming in Hiroshima an ordeal. Nonetheless, the film crews diligently forged through the ruins of the city, following their respective academic survey teams to capture the devastation in Hiroshima on film. In total, they spent about one month filming in the city.

Filming from among ruins

October 1945 Saiku-machi (now, Ote-machi 1-chome)
Hypocenter Photo by Shigeo Hayashi
In October, following the biology team, which had arrived first, the physics team, civil engineering/architectural team, and medical team also began full-scale filming. Although affected by the weather, the filming staff had a strong desire to photograph the devastation of Hiroshima and thus kept their cameras rolling. They filmed investigators being measuring the radiation near the hypocenter.


Hiroshima and Nagasaki Location Diary
Donated by Nobuo Kano and Motoko Kano
Location diary of Ryuichi Kano, who worked as a film producer.

Truck taking survey team into the city

October 5, 1945 Moto-machi
180m from the hypocenter Taken by Japan Film Corporation
In order to film the investigation being conducted by the academic survey team, the film production staff traveled with the team. Trucks were arranged to transport the group between the city and their quarters.

Production staff and investigators

October 1945 Moto-machi
Donated by Peace Museum of Saitama (from "Material provided by Hidetsugu Aihara")
At the site the production staff proceeded with filming in cooperation with the academic survey team. Since the investigators were dispatched in turn for short periods, the production staff also acted as guides at the site. At night, meetings were held with the investigators at the lodging quarters.