Among various kinds of damage by the atomic bombing, the casualties among the volunteer citizen corps have rarely been discussed. That may be because the volunteer citizen corps were organizations suddenly created just before the end of World War II, or because only a few materials were left after the bombing.

In business establishments which formerly established volunteer citizen corps, and which still now support Hiroshima, there are very few people who know the A-bomb damage and the hardship after the end of World War II. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing, not a few organizations and companies ended their annual memorial ceremonies for the deceased victims.

In such a situation, how should we recollect what happened in Hiroshima 65 years ago?

Please try to think about the history of this wide boulevard when you walk along the Peace Boulevard, which is blessed with a green environment. When eating crisply- textured pickled Hiroshima-na, please try to think about the pains of people left behind and damage wrought by the bombing to suburban rural areas.

We believe clues can be found in our daily lives to understand what happened in Hiroshima 65 years ago.