On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima fell victim to the world's first atomic bombing. Its complex interaction of heat, blast, and radiation obliterated the city and took countless precious lives. Those who managed to survive sustained long-lasting physical and emotional injuries, and the impact on Hiroshima as a whole is incalculable.
By the end of 1945, approximately 140,000 people were dead as a result of the bombing, but what did Hiroshima experience in those five months? What kind of suffering did its people experience? Where did they concentrate their efforts? This special exhibition uses photographs taken in August through December 1945 to depict the state of Hiroshima and the condition of its people as the city of death slowly turned toward life.

The atomic bomb exploded just above the Shima Hospital.
The hospital director, Dr. Kaoru Shima, had been out of town to perform an operation. He placed a notice board in the remains of the hospital seeking the whereabouts of hospital staff.
October, 1945
Taken by Shigeo Hayashi

Hiroshima, 1945

−A-bomb Damage Revealed in Photographs−