Standing at the Hypocenter

Aerial photograph of the hypocenter area
August 11, 1945
Taken by US military


The building on the left is Hiroshima Prefectural Commerce Association. The white torii gate of Hiroshima Gokoku Shrine remains standing.
Taken by US military


Honkawa Elementary School is seen on the right in the distance.
Taken by US military


From the left the photograph shows Chiyoda Insurance Hiroshima Branch, Geibi Bank Central Branch, and Sumitomo Bank Hiroshima Branch.
Taken by US military


People are walking on Hondori. Motoyasugawa River can be seen on the left in the distance. From the center to right in the distance are Ebayama Hill and Ebasarayama Hill.
Taken by US military

Mushroom cloud on August 6

2-3 minutes after the dropping of the bomb
From the top of Mikumari Gorge, in Fuchu Town, Aki County
6,500m from the hypocenter
Taken by Seizo Yamada Collection of Chugoku Shimbun

Around 8:30am
From the area near the repairs section at the Field Shipping Depot on Kanawajima Island
6,000m from the hypocenter
Taken by Nobuhiko Kodaira

Around 10:00am
From in front of the Hiroshima Sanatorium for Disabled Soldiers in Saijo Town, Kamo County
20km from the hypocenter
Taken by Totaro Karasuda
Courtesy of Association of the Photographers of the Atomic (Bomb) Destruction of Hiroshima

Hiroshima, 1945

−A-bomb Damage Revealed in Photographs−