Some photographs show the state or expressions of the injured, but many are focused on the injuries themselves. The photos in this section were taken by the US military. Stored for decades in the US Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, they were returned to Japan in 1973.

Skin depigmentation

Taken by US military

Facial burns

Taken by US military

Burn scars

Taken by US military

Mouth inflammation

Taken by US military

Left leg exposed to heat rays from the left side

Taken by US military

Loss of hair

Taken by US military

Illustrations of A-bomb cataracts

These are illustrations to explain A-bomb cataract, from the collection of Dr. Sinskey, a former employee of the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (ABCC). Dr. Sinskey had conducted a survey of A-bomb cataracts in the 1950s.
Donated by Robert M. Sinskey

Keloids on back and both arms

Taken by US military

Report on Medical Survey of Hiroshima War Damage Resulting from the Atomic Bomb

The War Department's Medical Bureau dispatched a survey team to Hiroshima twice, once in the middle of August, and once from the end of August to the middle of September. The results of the surveys were compiled in a report in November 1945.
Donated by Hiroko Niizuma

Keloid specimens

From around early 1946, the skin and flesh around burn scars that were thought to have healed swelled up and stretched the skin. It is thought that the keloids resulting from the atomic bombing were caused by the radiation.
Donated by Harada Hospital

Hiroshima, 1945

−A-bomb Damage Revealed in Photographs−