On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb used against human beings exploded over Hiroshima, destroying the city and killing or injuring hundreds of thousands of people.

Those who managed to survive called the bomb ‘pika,’ which means “flash.”

How was it possible to go on after that flash? Injured, grieving over lost loved ones and property, many survivors wondered often what might have been, if not for the bomb.

Our museum has received about 21,000 donated items related to the atomic bombing, each one communicating some aspect of the A-bomb sorrow. In this exhibit, we use a large number of personal belongings to present the memories of people who died or lost family members in the bombing.

Our hope is that your encounter with these memories will help you contemplate the damage inflicted by the A-bomb, and the way that single flash changed lives and is the cause of suffering even today, 67 years later.

Memories of You

: If not for the bomb