22 Monument to the Former Zaimoku-cho

Built in : August 6, 1957
Established by : Former Zaimoku-cho Survivors
Zaimoku-cho was one of the neighborhoods of the Nakajima District, which thrived as a center of amusement, shopping, and eating. As indicated by its name, wholesale lumber companies accumulated in the area during the feudal age. Lumber was received and distributed along the river. The spacious residential area was lined with historical temples. Seiganji Temple was one of Hiroshima's largest. People often came to worship at the statue of Kasamori-san in Myohoji Temple and Koyasu Kannon in Anrakuji Temple. The temples emanated tranquility.
Located only 500 meters from the hypocenter, Zaimoku-cho disappeared instantly. Residents died immediately. Because Zaimoku-cho and neighboring areas were designated as building demolition areas, countless middle school students working on such projects were cruelly killed along with them. Reduced to a burnt plain, the area became Peace Memorial Park after the war, and the neighborhood disappeared.

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