29 Monument in Memory of Dr. Marcel Junod

Completed : September 8, 1979
Established by : The Construction Committee of a Monument to Dr. Junod
Dr. Marcel Junod (1904-1961)
When he came to Japan on August 9, 1945, Dr. Junod's initial purpose as chief representative to Japan of the International Red Cross Committee was to study the movements of the prisoners of the Allied Forces.
However, when he saw the damage the atomic bombing had done, he immediately asked the General Headquarters of the Allied Forces for assistance. After the war ended and the requested medical supplies arrived, he entered Hiroshima on September 8, and began treating survivors while carrying out studies of the damage.
The monument was built to honor the achievements of Dr. Junod, who engaged in survivor relief efforts from a humanitarian standpoint. The inscription engraved on the back of the monument, "Innumerable cries are asking for your help," is a quotation from one of Junod's writings.

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