31 Statue of Mother and Child in the Storm

Completed : September 5, 1960
Established by : Hiroshima Municipal Federation of Women's Associations
The hopes for peace of ordinary people are imbued in this statue of a mother displaying love powerful enough to endure suffering and overcome grief.
The statue was made by Shin Hongo, an sculptor from Sapporo who created Wadatsumi and other monuments highly expressive of human love. In 1959, to express thanks for Hiroshima Mayor Hamai's support of the movement to ban atomic and hydrogen bombs, the Gensuikyo (Japan Council Against A and H Bombs) gave him a plaster model of this statue.
Later, the Hiroshima Municipal Federation of Women's Associations, which had worked hard for the conference, called for making this monument and erecting it in Peace Memorial Park. They raised funds, oversaw its creation in bronze, and gave it to Hiroshima City.

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