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Director of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Kenji Shiga


Hello! And welcome.
My name is Kenji Shiga, director of this Museum.

You get many visitors,
don't you?

In fact, nearly a million people from elsewhere in Japan and from many other countries around the world come every year to tour our physical museum. Hundreds of thousands of these are young people, who come on school field trips.

Mr. Shiga,
what do you hope people
will see or experience
in the Museum?


First, I hope they will learn what happened in Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. A single atomic bomb instantly took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Of those who survived, many still suffer today from the aftereffects.
Whole families were lost completely. Hundreds of thousands suffered the devastating anguish of losing multiple family members.
This museum is where we display some of the materials that survivors or family members have donated. As people tour these exhibits, I hope they will look at them not only with their eyes, but also with their hearts.
Above all, I hope everyone in the world will come to understand the true horror of nuclear weapons, the tragic foolishness of war, and the sacred importance of peace. I hope everyone will think about what they can do to help build a peaceful world.


I see. I guess
it's time to brace
ourselves and take the tour.