This Clock Tower dispiays panels with numbers and cogwheels.
The first panel indicates the number of days since the A-bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.
The Iower panel indicates the number of days since the last nuclear test.
When a nuclear test is conducted, the number of days will be reset to zero to enhance the strength of the protest from Hiroshima.

The cogwheels below represent a virtual countdown which warns us that we are on the path Ieading towards the annihilation of humanity.

The concept is : the cogwheel at the top rotates 100 lOO times per minute, but it will spin faster if the earth shows cogweel at the bottom, the clock automatically self-destruct.

In order to stop the cogwheels from spinning, we must work toward aboIishing alI nuclear weapons and seek for an age of coexistense among humankind without dependence on military force.