Nobuko Ohshita's summer uniform
Nobuko Ohshita's summer uniform
BadgeExposed at: Dobashi
800 meters from the hypocenter
Donated by Sadao Ohshita
Nobuko Oshita (then 13) was a first-year student at First Hiroshima Prefectual Girls High School. She was exposed to the bomb at her building demolition work site and fled to Koi. There she was found by relief corps workers, who returned her to her parents in Otake. She died late that night. She sewed this summer uniform herself.
γ€€ A close-up look at Nobuko Ohshita's summer uniform
γ€€At the girls' school Nobuko Ohshita attended, class leaders were reappointed each month. Nobuko became assistant class leader in June and class leader in July. Her father says that Nobuko was very serious and hard-working. Nobuko's father still keeps her diary. Today, he has made it specially available to you.
γ€€ Read the diary of Nobuko Ohshita.
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