Shigeru's Lunchbox
Lunch Box Water bottle

Exposed at: Nakajima-shin-machi
(now Nakajima-cho)
600 meters from the hypocenter
Donated by Shigeko Orimen
Shigeru Orimen was a first-year student at Second Hiroshima Prefectural Junior High School. He was exposed to the bomb at his building demolition work site at Nakajima-shin-machi. His mother Shigeko searched for him desperately through the devastated city, but failed to find him. Finally, she got information about him from an acquaintance and, early in the morning of August 9, she found a body with this lunch box clutched to the abdomen. Shigeru had worked diligently in place of his father and brother who were away at the front. He plowed the field and cultivated gardens on the mountain and in a bamboo grove. His lunch that day was made from the first harvest from his new field, which he had brought home so happily. Shigeko's grief deepened when she realized that Shigeru never got a chance to eat the lunch he had been so eagerly anticipating.
Shigeru Orimen
Shigeru Orimen
Courtesy of Chugoku Shimbun