Hiroshima Station before the War
Hiroshima Station was Japan's first concrete train station, built in 1922. This modern station building was the model for stations in Ueno in Tokyo and neighboring Okayama. It was a stop on the Sanyo, Kure, Geibi, and Ujina lines, and it served more than 10 million passengers in 1941. In April 1943, the waiting room and ticket window were expanded.
The atomic bomb destroyed the waiting room extension. The entire roof was crushed in and the interior burned.
A few days later 78 corpses, including 20 students of the Army Youth Academy, were recovered in the ruins. Eleven station employees were also killed.

Hiroshima Station at Completion
Courtesy of Hiroshima Municipal Archives

Inside Hiroshima Station
after the A-bombing
Photo by: Satsuo Nakata

Hiroshima Station after the A-bomb
Photo by Toshio Kawamoto
Courtesy of Takuo Kawamoto

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Hiroshima Station before the War
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