A Girder of the Aioi Bridge
A large lump of iron is on display in the Blast corner of the Main building. The piece of floor girder warped by the blast is from the Aioi Bridge, which stood only 300 meters from the hypocenter. When the bridge was reconstructed in 1983, the girder was donated to the Peace Memorial Museum as a witness to the atomic bombing.
The T-Shaped Bridge

The Aioi Bridge is the north entrance to Peace Memorial Park. The perpendicular lines that make the T are comprised of a bridge that spans the east and west banks of the Honkawa River and another that stretches south from its midsection to Nakajima-cho in Peace Memorial Park.
It was the uniqueness of the shape that caused the Aioi to be chosen as the target for the atomic bombing. The ferocious shock wave warped the girders, knocked the hand railing on the north side into the water, and pushed up part of the walkway.
The scene around the bridge for several days after the bombing has been described as hell, with countless corpses scattered on the banks and floating up and down the Honkawa River under the bridge.
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