Female Student's Uniform
Female Student's Uniform

Donated by Mitsuo Shoda
1,200m from the hypocenter
Zakoba-cho(now Kokutaiji-cho)

Nobuko Shoda (then, 14) was a second-year student at Yamanaka Girls High school, attached to Hiroshima Women's Higher School of Education. She was exposed to the bomb at her building demolition work site in Zakoba-cho. She suffered burns over her entire body. Her face and both legs swelled up and the skin on her hands peeled off. Her father Mitsuo was buried under the factory. His leg was injured, but walking with the aid of a stick, he and his wife Toshiko searched desperately for Nobuko. They found her seriously injured on the 7th. Her father carried her on his back to the Hiroshima Red Cross Hospital, where she received only minimal treatment. On the 8th she was carried to her half-collapsed house, where she passed away on the 10th of August.


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