Donated by Nobuo Tetsutani
1,500m from the hypocenter

Shinichi Tetsutani (then, 3 years,11 months), the first son of Nobuo Tetsutani, was exposed while riding his tricycle in front of his house at Higashi-hakushima-cho. He was burnt over his entire body. Groaning and crying for water, he died that night. The following day, Nobuo found the remains of his eldest daughter Michiko (then, 7) and his second daughter Yoko (then, 1) in the ruins of his house. He couldn't bear to cremate Shinichi, so he joined Shinichi's hands to those of a girl in the neighborhood he often played with, then buried the two dead children with Shinichi's tricycle in the backyard. Forty years after the atomic bombing, he decided to transfer them to the family grave. He dug them up and held a proper funeral.
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